Katie’s four simple and incredibly effective questions and turnarounds are the antidote for the suffering we cause ourselves with our stressful uninvestigated thinking.

As the Greek philosopher Epictetus said, “We are disturbed not by what happens (to us), but by our thoughts about what happens” It’s our stories about our lives that bring us joy or misery. As our thinking changes with inquiry, our problems dissolve. Our taxing thoughts and feelings are compassionate alarm clocks to wake us up to question our beliefs.

Katie’s inquiry is a way to end emotional pain and confusion and experience inner peace and even love what is. That peace, love, joy and the answers are always inside us. Katie’s Work is a way to find them. I ask the questions and am the witness to your transformation. Hooray!

As I travel a great deal, I also facilitate Byron Katie’s Work by phone, when we cannot be face to face. My experience is that it is marvelous either way. We might be able to use Skype as well. Please call or e-mail me for information or an appointment, using my “contact” link, below.

Check out www.thework.com for more information.

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