Healing is a unification and alignment of the body, mind and spirit. It is a process rather than an event, involving growth and development. Symptoms and ailments can be viewed as communication, alerting us that change is necessary.

Chiropractic believes that the shape, position, and tone of your spinal structure determine your awareness and experience of life. The nervous system, housed within the spinal column and cranium, directs and coordinates all the functions of your body. A misalignment of the spinal bones (a subluxation) and the tension of the associated nervous
tissue, causes interference to this life flow.

Network uses a variety of chiropractic techniques in a gentle and honoring sequence, which does not compete with the body but allows flows with it. The adjustment first seeks to release the adverse tension in the brain and spinal cord with a series of sustained gentle contacts. The type of adjustment most commonly associated with chiropractic, the structural thrust, is then more effectively applied only when.the vertebrae are ready to effortlessly release their structural locks.

The individual with a clearer and flexible nervous system is better able to recover from life's challenges, adapt to change more easily and is better able to grow, heal and evolve. The intelligence that creates this world knows to exercise, to eat properly and to express fully. The deep release of nerve interference affected bv the Network Chiropractic adjustment can diminish and remove your symptoms, but also lets go of the dominant negative patterns in your nervous system which limit deep healing and maximal unfolding of your whole being. Network Chiropractic helps you to recover in a gentle manner, from years of cumulative physical, mental, emotional, chemical, and spiritual stress. It further allows the expression of your full potential, healing the world a spine at a time.

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