Our bodies seem to work best when we give them the proper fuel. Think natural, whole, fresh, unprocessed, no chemicals. It’s simple. Most of eat too few veggies, fruits, and whole grains. Stay low on salt, sugar, white flour products, animal fats, stimulants (tea and coffee), and alcohol. Drink lots of water. Be reasonable and loving to your body and it will function optimally for you.

The way I work with my patients nutritionally is first with whole foods. Gradual diet changes, so your mind, body and feelings can adapt. All plans are individualized and might include detoxifying or cleansing diets, fresh juices, fasting if you are inclined and able.

The next level would be with herbs (American, Chinese, Indian), essential oils applied externally and taken internally and so-called power foods (i.e. bee pollen, wheat grass, probiotics), then vitamins, minerals and special nutritional products developed in laboratories from whole foods (olive leaf extract, Co-enzyme Q, essential fatty acids, mushroom extracts, pycnogenol/antioxidants/proanthocyanidins etc.)

I also work with people who have eating challenges: overweight, underweight, undernourished. I work with food, and also the Option Dialogue and the Work of Byron Katie in many cases, as there are reasons we say we want change, but don’t change.

So we work together. I suggest and support. You make changes if you wish.

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