What is an Option Dialogue?

The Greek philosopher, Socrates, used probing questions to challenge his students to discover their own answers. An Option Dialogue builds on this legacy by utilizing a highly respectful and effective system of questions with a nonjudgmental and non-directive attitude. Working with a skilled Option mentor/counselor, participants uncover and eliminate self-defeating beliefs and attitudes, which have fueled discomfort, distress and limiting behaviors, while at the same time increasing their sense of purpose, happiness and personal power. These dialogues can also be done wonderfully by phone.

Core Perspectives of the Option Dialogue:

You are your own best expert. Questions are designed and asked to help you find your own answers - no advice or interpretations of your feelings or behaviors will be offered.
There are no right or wrong answers. You choose the focus of exploration throughout the process and the Option mentor will follow your answers with a question.
You can change your life. By uncovering and eliminating self-defeating beliefs you can help yourself become happier, more comfortable, more self-empowered and more successful in your life.

Please take a few moments to read this, to understand my role and your role in the process of the dialogue.

We are together, in person or by phone, for fifty minutes. I am here to be totally present with you, totally accepting of you, totally nonjudgmental of anything you say or think - to give you the space to talk about and deal with anything you wish. All that you say is confidential.

As you share, my purpose is to ask you questions so that you can discover your own answers, find your own way and come to your own conclusions. One major premise of the Option Dialogue is that you are your own best expert. Therefore, your answers are more meaningful and helpful to you than any suggestions, advice or solutions I could give you. So I do not give suggestions or advice or try to interpret what you say. I listen ever so carefully and find within your statements the next best question to ask you. These questions are not signs of doubt but rather opportunities for you to clarify and understand your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Just a note: You don't ever have to answer any question I ask - this is your dialogue and you are in charge of what you choose to say or not say. There are no right or wrong answers. You can change the subject at anytime, although I might ask you about the change in direction. I am here only to help - to be a midwife in this process, helping you find your own answers, which are always within you.

As I travel a great deal, I also do Option Dialogues by phone, when they cannot be done face to face. My experience is that they are marvelous either way. We might be able to use Skype as well. Please call or e-mail me for information or an appointment, using my “contact” link, below.

Check out www.option.org for more information.


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